"One of the deepest longings of the human soul is to be seen." -John O'Donohue

Welcome. You have already begun embarking on a tremendous journey. 

I suspect that things are not what they once were, that something has gone wrong. Perhaps something in your past seems to creep regularly into your day or relationships, there is something about yourself that you can’t seem to accept, or perhaps you’re lonely and your relationships don’t seem to last. Whatever it is, whatever its intensity in your life, you are embarking on one of the most brave and courageous things you can do in your life.

The process of counseling is expensive, not just financially but emotionally as well, yet the changes you will see in your life are priceless. It’s about getting through the feelings of anxiousness, depression, loneliness, grief, trauma, loss and getting to who and what has made you who you are, all with the goal of enacting long-term and deep-rooted change. To begin this journey, our task is to explore who you are . . . today right. With hardship comes opportunity, and with desire for change there is hope and a place to start.

This work is relational, meaning we will use what comes of our relationship and the feelings that come up in the room, in the moment, as we work with your story. They call it a journey for a reason. It’s difficult at times, and may push us to the edge of comfort, but it’s not for nothing. Its the cost, emotionally, for living a fulfilled and meaningful life. 

What matters the most?