Anxiety by Alfred Stieglitz 

Anxiety by Alfred Stieglitz 


We all carry things with us that have effected us, that creates our anxiety, that is a part of living life and being a human-being, a human that is still becoming or growing.

Anxiety is a fear of connection that most often happens from something in our past. Its like a fear of re-living something. There is of course healthy anxiety that protects us, like looking both ways before crossing the street. However if your anxiety is getting in the way of you living your life, whether that be at work, school, or in relationships, it may be time to seek counseling. We all have some level of anxiety. In my work as a therapist, clients’ anxiety toward relationships with others is one of the most common issues I face. I believe this to be completely natural, because it is within relationship that we find our greatest sense of belonging, so the stakes are high. As John O’Donohue said, “One of the deepest longings of the human soul is to be seen.” I offer a gentle space where we can work together with these charged and heavy experiences that keep you from reaching your full potential in life, relationships, and fulfillment.

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