I believe that we're in a time when we need each other more than ever. Not a day goes by that I interact with someone and sense how good it'd be for them to be around others that share their struggles and can speak into them. So many of our problems today show up in how we interact with other people - and are rooted in some past relationship interaction. As the old saying goes, we're hurt and healed in relationship.

The research of interpersonal neurobiology is getting more and more traction in the clinical field of counseling on the importance of having real relationships with others. When we do something profound begins to happen when others see us, as we're experiencing some painful sensation or feeling and remain with us.

The group is a holding environment. Just as a mother holds a child, so the group supports and accompanies the individual as they're going through something. There has to be rupture and repair in relationships. That is a reality. The good news is that these are the most profoundly transformational moments. It's profoundly 'easier' when you're doing it or going through it within trusting relationships.

Additionally, the task of finding a therapist in the Seattle area can be so challenging. Not many weeks go by where I hear someone who says they’ve been searching for weeks or that no-one got back to them. On top of that, most people want to meet at or after 5 pm. Most therapist those are the first spots to go, we're at the mercy of the traditional 9-5 work schedule.

All groups meet at or after 5pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. All with the goal in mind of you having a clearer sense of who you really are within yourself and in relationship with others, and living a more authentic and congruent life.