I offer counseling for couples who struggle with a wide variety of relationship problems.

Relationships are often a paradox. At times, we can’t stand them, yet we can’t live without them. They can be the most exciting part of life, while also being the most challenging. Relationships require vulnerability toward one another to grow, yet that can be one of the most frightening things to give. It can also be immensely healing. We are all bound to some baggage as we go about living, and we bring that into our relationships. This baggage we may not even be aware of when the paperwork is signed, the rings are (or aren’t) on the fingers, or when you begin cohabiting together. Couples work is, to a great degree, about cultivating self-actualization in the presence of and with the help of the one you love the most: your partner. The result is renewed intimacy between yourself and your partner and a more grounded sense of self. This meeting and transformation cannot happen without a sense of mutual recognition, a kind of shared humanity, a knowing that we are both capable of great love, while also being capable of inflicting subtle and deep wounds. I offer you and your partner a safe, respecting, and loving space to begin understanding yourselves and each other.

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